General Product Safety

Atomic cares about your safety. We are committed to provide you high-quality products that you can rely on.

We use advanced sensors and algorithms to generate metrics that can help you in determining the status of your helmet. We strive to be as accurate as possible. However, none of the data our products and services collect is perfectly reliable, nor are the metrics they generate absolutely precise. Location, impact detection and other measurements may not match the metrics measured in laboratory conditions and are algorithmically calculated only.

Please read these warnings and the Shocksense instruction manual carefully before using any of our products or services. Do not view and look at our smartphone app while skiing. Follow the recommendations of a certified ski professional, the recommendations set forth herein and apply common sense when using the devices.

GPS position

Our products and services may use GPS data to track your location in case of emergency. Since GPS data from your phone is used, we cannot guarantee the correctness or accuracy of such data. As the GPS reading may not always be reliable and/or accessible (due to e. g. lack of reception, low battery of your mobile phone), please always strictly follow the security instructions given by ski area operators, ski instructors and local security staff.


Impacts are measured with the Shocksense sensor. We cannot guarantee the correctness, completeness or accuracy of the sensor. Therefore, the impact measurement should be considered as an estimation and not an absolute account.

Helmet status

Atomic Shocksense app provides a general recommendation on the status of your helmet. Such guidance is given based on general recommendations and the data you have recorded with your product. The guidance given may, therefore, not be suitable for your helmet or it may be inaccurate due to specific circumstances (e. g. sensor turned off, out of battery and heavy impact not registered). Please carefully review the instruction manual provided with the product. If you suspect your helmet to be damaged, please consult a professional (e. g. your local Atomic dealer) immediately. Always use common sense when observing helmet’s condition prior to use.

Emergency message

In the app, you have the opportunity to setup an emergency message up to three contacts. We cannot guarantee the message(s) to be delivered in case of emergency. To improve the likelihood of the messages being delivered in an emergency, your mobile phone needs to have access to GPS and network as well as your contact’s phones need to be reachable at that time. It is your responsibility to evaluate the risks of the challenges you decide to take. You are responsible for your own safety.