Nicky Keefer


"Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Albert Einstein

Skiing is the best gift I have ever received in my life thus far. It truly blows my mind how satisfying and fun it can be. Snow + Mountain + Gravity + Skis = Happiness! There are a ton of ways to "do skiing", but simply making a turn in super deep powder on the Atomic Bent Chetler is truly an experience out of this world. Atomic is the best gift I have received from the first best gift (skiing). I simply cannot list the total amount of amazing things that have come from my relationship with this amazing company. If I can't list them all, I can at least list a few: Making my dreams come true of being a professional skier, introducing me to my amazing wife!, countless times I get to travel this beautiful world and experience other cultures and people (where I learn so much and these trips helped me become a better me), and just the sheer amount of fun I have had in life due to this amazing company that supports me!

Birthday 16.02.1991
Home resort Powder Mountain and Snow Basin
Discipline Backcountry
Hobbies reading, skateboarding, surfing, and long walks on the beach