The Blondes


Life’s a dream, so ski on. (JANELLE) “Nothing good ever happens from being comfy and cozy on the couch” - Alex Honold (TONJE) So one forgets oneself, one forgets everything, seeing only the play of the boat at sea, the play of sea around the boat, leaving aside everything not essential to the game. - The Long Way (EMILY)

Skiing is like a blank canvas and I am the painter, painting my masterpiece.
I feel proud to represent a company that makes skis that suit my style and be on a team with a lot of amazing people. (JANELLE)

I love skiing because I have the most fun when I am up on a snowy mountain with my friends. It's the ultimate freedom!
I love being a part of Atomic! It is a good mixture between riding the best skis on the market and the inspirational team behind them! (TONJE)

I love skiing so much because I look sick.
Atomic has the most fun, playful skis and great people behind them. (EMILY)

Home resort Revelstoke
Discipline Backcountry
Hobbies skiing