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ALPINE OCT 19, 2016


OCT 19, 2016

It’s a go for the World Cup winter. The Redster Stars and future heroes used the Atomic Media Day at the racing hot spot APC in Altenmarkt for a first split time.

The count down for the prelude race in Sölden has started – the update before the race weekend of the new winter. The Redster race department is moving into the season with the self-confidence of four crystal globes, 18 season wins and 43 spots on the podium.

Optimism and pure hunger for the race as the push from the 84 races of the past world cup season is immense. There was the historic 5th consecutive big Overall Crystal Globe win for Marcel Hirscher as well as the 7th small Crystal Globe in Giant Slalom. Not to forget Peter Fill’s Downhill globe and Aleksander Aamodt Klide’s Super-G globe in the men’s team. There were the successes of the women’s and the next generation also won 7 of the medals of the junior world cup.


Redster complete athlete Marcel Hirscher (Atomic gear all the way from helmet to running surface) will be the measure of all things this year, experts agree. Just because he doesn’t have to prove anything to himself or the world, “That makes me more relaxed and free from the inside. Although: Now, in the count down phase, the fire burns the same as it did in my first year.” Marcel doesn’t think about the 6th Crystal Globe: “Racing and the thrill ‘Where do I stand?’ the difficulty of the Sölden hillside: Challenges enough for the time being.”

And the rest of the Redster power unit! Peter Fill (Hahnenkamm and downhill world cup winner) does have “enough finish lines to head for” this world cup winter. Aleksander Aamodt Klide did manage to get the Super-G Globe and knows that he has not yet reached the heights of his performance – “We’re pushing each other in our team. That’s the foundation of our progress.” The fastest slalom-racing unit of the world around super star Marcel Hirscher thinks the same. Mattias Hargin, Marco Schwarz, Manuel Feller and Marc Digruber: The Redster quartet wants to really narrow down the space among the top 3 for the rest of the slalom elite.

“The successes of the last winter had an enormous impact on the entire team. Even if everything in Sölden starts at zero now: Everyone’s burning to make the good even better!”

Christian Höflehner