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NORDIC APR 06, 2016


APR 06, 2016

Three times winner of the most prestigious long-distance race, Vasaloppet, Oskar Svärd has put his name in Swedish ski history.

Now a successful career, with wins in Marcialonga, Jizerska Padesatka and many more races, has come to an end. Oskar, turning 40 this autumn, has decided to shift focus in life. We met him for a personal interview about his career.


Why did you decide to stop your career now?

„I’m happy with what I have achieved, even though the last seasons were disturbed by injuries and health issues. This is the right decision, the body has had enough of elite training.”

Can you tell us about your biggest moments of glory during your long and successful career, like capturing three times victory in Vasaloppet (2003, 2005 & 2007)? 

“It’s the race that everybody wants to win and I made it even three times, it has been my primary focus every season. I am very proud to have been able to ski my very best when I have wanted it the most.”

To emphasize Oskar’s focus on the 90k race from Sälen to Mora, a look at the statistics shows that he has finished 14 races top 9 or better. Impressive!


You have been skiing on Atomic since 2000. What was special about this long-lived cooperation?

“Atomic has been one of my most important partners all the way. I have felt a strong support both in success and setbacks. Atomic prioritized the long-distance races early on, and their support on the races in Europe were very valuable to me. The skilled racing people, always supportive, interested in listening and discussing, are very professional and give me as a racer a lot of confidence. And the skis have been amazing for many years! The future for Atomic looks bright.”

What about your future plans?

“I love the sport and will continue to train for my well-being and for fun, returning to work with sports and health within the Swedish Armed Forces. The long-distance skiing has a special place in my heart and I look forward to contribute with my knowledge and experience in different ways."

Thank you Oskar for the great shows you have put on in the races, and for your input in developing our ski equipment!