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APR 09, 2019

The Skimountaineering World Cup finals took place last weekend in Madonna di Campiglio, Italy. The Backland athletes proofed their great class also in these last ISMF races of the season. Under bad weather and snow conditions they achieved six places on the podium in the daily classifications of all categories, and not at least because of those the Backland team can draw a strong season balance.

In the sprint race, Swiss‘ Iwan Arnold took advantage of his steadily increased level and was able to finish the season with a 3rd rank in Madonna’s sprint race. With constantly good performances, finding himself on the podium in all sprints of this season, he was able to take home the Sprint World Cup – the clear goal going into the season. Another Atomic athlete joined the podium with the Backland 65 UL: Austria’s Daniel Zugg sprinted to rank three in this seasons Sprint World Cup.

In the vertical race in Madonna, Italy’s Davide Magnini won in the Espoir classification – overall rank 6 – and French Samuel Equy finished the same category with a 3rd rank – overall rank 12 – topping off the day’s results. In the Vertical World Cup, the Austrian athlete Armin Höfl came to the finish as 4th – within a whisker reaching the podium in the general vertical ranking. The victory in the Espoirs category in the Vertical World Cup could not be taken away from Davide Magnini anyway.


In the concluding Individual race the Espoirs-results of the Vertical race were repeated. Again, the Italian U23-dominator Davide Magnini celebrated a victory and could even take home a great 3rd rank in the overall classification of the seniors and, accordingly, confirmed his Seniors 2nd rank in the past Vertical World Cup. Samuel Equy finished 3rd in the Espoir category (overall 14th).

With consistent performances on a high level throughout the entire season, the athletes could also conclude the Overall World Cup with according results: Austria’s Armin Höfl undoubtedly delivered an outstanding result with rank 5. In the denser getting field, his work before and during the season, his morale, and his tactical skills paid off. Armin’s development over the past two seasons has been more than impressive. In the Espoir category, Davide Magnini took the big crystal globe, followed by backland colleague Samuel Equy on the 3rd position. Both young guns gave an impressive recommendation for the future.

Image 2

What is very pleasing is the stable delivery of the whole team on a high level – 4 athletes in the top10 in the overall classification. Patrick Tritscher, responsible for Backcountry Touring Sports Marketing, says “The balance of this World Cup is more than successful, and we should not forget the six medals of this season’s World Championships in Villars. But what really makes us feel positive is the steady upwards development of all Backland athletes – without any exceptions, and no at least true for the pushing young boys such as Davide and Samuel, who are getting stronger and stronger, but also of Austria’s Junior Paul Verbnjak. Our athletes definitely will not lack motivation to go one better next season. One reason more for us here to keep pace with the equipment and to work hard on new and optimized models.”

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Iwan Arnold
The Swiss athlete summarizes positively after the victory in the Sprint World Cup: “I had a good Sprint season, starting with a 2nd place and then in France celebrating the second World Cup victory of my career. Despite of an injury right after the World Championships, I am more than happy about the 3rd place in Sprint in Madonna and with that being able to take the crystal globe. At the moment I feel really well, and therefore I will probably also start with a team at the Mezzalama to finally close the racing season.“

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Davide Magnini
“I’m super happy with my 3rd overall rank in the Individual of the Madonna weekend. Unfortunately, during the first downhill I couldn’t avoid a crash anymore, because my thighs were gone completely hard in the extremely demanding descent. Afterwards, going into the second climb I found myself only in the 8th position, so I’m even happier that I made it up to the third spot in finish, even almost managed to become 2nd.”

The world cup season is now over for the Atomic Backland athletes. At the La Grande Course races – the big, traditional high alpine team competitions in the western alps – some athletes might be at the start. These alpine races traditionally crown the end of the season, and it can be expected that the Backland material helps the athletes to achieve in these classics good results too.