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MAY 12, 2016

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Sneak peek of the ski adventure movie "The White Maze". In theaters in October.

After a whole year of planning, scouting and guesswork, Freeskiers and adventurers Matthias „Hauni“ Haunholder and Matthias Mayr accomplished their personal mission impossible. They skied the „Gora Pobeda“, highest Peak of Eastern Siberia, as first human beings. October 12th the official Premiere of „THE WHITE MAZE“ will take place.

Matthias Haunholder
Austria / Powder

date of birth

December 28, 1979




biking, traveling, surfing

After traveling to north eastern Russia already in January, to get connected with natives who live near the massive Chersky mountains which are with a length of 1200km bigger than the alps, Matthias and Hauni again travelled to Yakutia in late April together with their cameramen Moritz Sonntag, Johannes Aitzetmüller and photographer Jonas Blum.

„Gora Pobeda“ is known as a very difficult to ascend mountain, not mainly because it´s a steep rocky and icy peak but more because it is so far out of reach. The next village with road access UST NERA is more than 350km away. The next helicopter and hospital is 1300km away in Yakutsk. Beside that it is one of the coldest regions in the world. Usually the temperature drops down below minus 60C during the long arctic winter. Due to extreme continental climate short hot summers follow immediately the long winter cold. The time window for to ascend and descend the mountain due to that is very small. Since nobody ever did a project like that, it is not clear which time of the year it would be possible at all. Without Helicopter support it seems impossible to reach the mountain range or even the highest peak with all the equipment the small team carries with them for filming. But the Team made it!

A Family of Nomads, living aside the mountain range, become the key for success. With their support and knowledge, the adventurers very able to succeed.

During their adventure the Team meets the cultural diversity of Yakutia, Gold digging settlements and kolchoses are pure contrast to the beautiful landscape and the harmonic life of the nomads.

„THE WHITE MAZE“ is a film (length 52mins) about a ski adventure taking place in an until completely unknown but extremely fascinating and beautiful area. In Cinemas and on I-Tunes from October 2016 on!

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