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ALPINE FEB 13, 2019


ALPINE FEB 13, 2019


FEB 13, 2019

His win in the only Combined on the Lauberhorn this winter made the Redster star Marco Schwarz the top favorite for the World Championship Combined in Åre. After the Downhill all the signs were still looking like he would fulfill his role. At the end of the first World Championship race Blacky was pleased he had won the Bronze medal. Mental Metal for the Atomic youngster even before the technical races: “It’s good to know that I’ve got a medal. And now I’m looking forward to the next races.” It’s

It’s easy to forget that the future star at Atomic is only 23 years old. He’s the same age as Marcel Hirscher was when he had his first real success (which has carried on to-date). And if someone’s got the potential to reach the same heights, then it’s the cool, sunny and friendly Marco Schwarz, who’s called Blacky by all the others in the team.


He skis these special turns. 2014 was the first time he stood at the start of a World Cup race in Levi. And didn’t finish. Just like in the six Slalom races after that. Of course, the 19-year-old could not be deterred from his concept of fast slalom turns even then. The following winter he skied his way onto the podium for the first time in the second race: 3rd place in Madonna di Campiglio. It was there, where he started his new era this winter. Since his 2nd place in the Slalom classic race Marco is now definitely one of the permanent contenders for a win. In Oslo he won the city event on New Year’s Day (first World Cup win), in Wengen he won the Combined on the Lauberhorn and in between Blacky has showed again and again what a great ski racer he really is, with two interim leads in the Slalom races in Zagreb and Adelboden, a heroic GS performance, solid races and top results.

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Somehow you get the feeling, that he’s a very relaxed person. “That’s true,” says Atomic Team Manager Christian Höflehner: “If an athlete is becoming more mature in the era of a great superstar, which is true for all of them, who are trying to get a foot in the door in the Marcel Hirscher era, then there are two categories of racers: those who are trying to copy the superstar, don’t manage it, then get impatient along the way, which brings them more out of their own stride. And athletes such as Marco who does his own thing, as he knows, that his era has already begun, but he’s far from at his peak”. He tried for the Gold in the World Championship Combined and in the end it was a Bronze. But nonetheless his first medal is definitely a reason to celebrate.

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At the end of the day, that’s how Blacky saw it too. After the Downhill he was on course for Gold and even after his first run in the Slalom too, but then just before he reached the finish, he lost time on the last section which wasn’t well-prepared. After being frustrated for a while, Blacky was motivated again: “It’s great to win a medal in the first race. It’s liberating. Now I’m looking forward to the next races.”