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ALPINE DEC 12, 2016


ALPINE DEC 12, 2016


DEC 12, 2016

The 2016 Dew Tour took place from December 8th till December 11th in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Dew Tour presented a new format of the event: the slopestyle competition consisted of a separate big air jump and a separate jib section. Jossi Wells and Fabian Bösch scored a great 4th and 6th place, Gus Kenworthy came in on the 15th place. Jossi missed the podium only by two points. The highlight was the team challenge. The three Atomic athletes dominated the other competitors and finished first.


A storm hit Breckenridge on Thursday and the conditions did not really improve over the weekend. It started out with the Big Air Jump for the Atomic athletes. Every athlete had 4 jumps and the best two scores were combined. Gus showed a forward dub 14 blunt and hold the grab all through the spin on the first jump. Unfortunately, he crashed in his last try as he attempted a switch dub 14. He couldn’t up his score and finished 15th with 54.33 points.

Jossi Wells finished the Big Air event in his well-known style. Stomping a beautiful switch dub underflip. The crowd loved his incredible skiing style. He placed 11th after the Big Air section. Fabian Bösch threw massive triples. He attempted a triple 16, but landed a bit sketchy. On his last jump he put down a triple 14 japan and his combined score was 73.99 which placed him 7th after the Big Air section.

Next up was the jib section. All athletes had three runs and the best one counted. Both scores, Big Air and Jib were combined and made the final result.

Unfortunately, it was a difficult week for Gus Kenworthy. He won the Dew Tour event in Breckenridge last year, but couldn’t get a great run together this time. Fabian Bösch threw an unbelievable misty 450 out of the last rail which placed him 8th in the jib section. Jossi Wells chose a creative line throughout the course and scored 2nd after the jib section.

Overall it was a good weekend for the Atomic athletes as Jossi Wells placed 4th, Fabian Boesch 6th and Gus Kenworthy 15th in the individual contest. They successfully battled through harsh weather.

Foto Gus Jossi


The highlight of this year’s Dew Tour was the Team Challenge. It was a first on the Dew Tour. Two athletes of a team battled for their brand. One completes the Big Air section and the other one the jib section. Their scores were combined at the end.

Fabian Bösch was chosen for the Big Air section and Gus Kenworthy for the jib section. Jossi Wells was named the team captain and supported the two.

Gus Kenworthy had a perfect run through the rail course and scored a 90 which put Atomic in first place. Due to the stormy weather the Big Air jump was cancelled and the judges decided to go for a second jib run. Atomic switched the lineup and put in Jossi Wells. It worked out great and he scored the best result of the event with a 93.66, putting Atomic on top. They brought home the Dew Tour Team Challenge trophy!