SEP 12, 2016


SEP 12, 2016

SEP 12, 2016

The latest addition to the Hawx Boot Series is our lightest alpine boot ever created. Its secret? A whole new way of thinking about ski boot design. We caught up with the team behind it to find out more…

Atomic - Hawx Ultra 2016/17


Hawx Ultra is our lightest alpine ski boot ever! It keeps your feet incredibly agile as you rip down the mountain – with the best combination of snow-feel and power ever felt in an all-mountain boot. Now with the introduction of this 98mm narrow-fit, all male and female all-mountain and piste skiers can enjoy the legendary Hawx feel – and ski at their best whatever shape their feet.

The Hawx Ultra is a whole new breed of ski boot. Ready for release at this year’s ISPO, it marks a new chapter in Alpine boot design, drawing on our racing and touring expertise to create a boot that combines the best of both – lightweight design and full-on power. And it’s about to change everything.


The newest member of the Hawx family

Our best-selling Hawx boot series has shaken up boot design twice before: the original Hawx with its incredible medium fit has gone on to become one of the best-selling boots of all time. Then in 2015 Hawx Magna brought Hawx’s incredible feel to the wide-fit sector for the first time.

However, the arrival of the Hawx Ultra, our 98mm narrow-fit model for all-mountain skiing, is perhaps the biggest leap forwards yet, boasting huge innovations in fit and weight.


It’s light. Really light.

The Hawx Ultra is our lightest alpine ski boot ever – and by a long way. In fact, it’s 25% lighter than any other!

The designers achieved this thanks to a radical new progressive shell that cuts material and thickness around the boot where it’s not needed. Then an asymmetric Energy Backbone provides reinforcement in key zones. The result is the best combination of agility, snow-feel and power ever felt in an all-mountain boot. 

Matt Manser, Atomic’s ski boots product manager, told us it was all inspired by last year’s Backland touring boot: ‘We learnt a lot developing our lightweight Backland boot last year, including how to create a lighter shell that stays strong.’ He said. ‘We’ve now married this know-how with the best bits of Hawx and our racing expertise. It keeps your feet incredibly light and agile when you’re ripping down the mountain.’

Down to the details

Like all Hawx boots, the Hawx Ultra features Memory Fit, so you can customize all three parts of the boot – the shell, cuff and liner – and get a perfect personal fit in minutes.

However, the boots also boasts a new Memory Fit 3D Liner. This has a pre-shaped thermo-formable heel and ankle areas, so there are no pressure points and you get an unparalleled foothold. It adds a whole new level to the comfort of the legendary Hawx first fit.


Elsewhere, we’ve also added new Cantable Grip Pads. Plus Power Shift and Cuff Alignment. All in all, an exciting new era for the Hawx family. A lighter, faster, more exciting one.