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Definitions • “Authorized User” means an approved supplier of ATOMIC and/or user of an Amer Sports Group Company or of

ATOMIC/Amer Sports Group Partners. • “Content” means all content, data, materials and information available to view, order and download from the Site for use

and exploitation by authorized users in the territory and on the media specified including, without limitation, any and all

images, logos, pictures, photographs, text, games, software, video, music, sound or graphics files and any other

advertising, promotional or other marketing materials available on the Site. • “Person” shall include any corporation, limited liability company, partnership, limited liability partnership, joint venture,

joint stock company, trust, estate, company and association, whether organized for profit or otherwise. • “ATOMIC” means company ATOMIC Austria GmbH

• “Amer Sports Group” means Amer Sports Group companies affiliated to Amer Sports Corporation in charge of the

distribution, promotion of ATOMIC products in its respective country • “Authorized Use of the Content” means the authorized use in relation to the downloading or use of certain Contents as

described below

Editorial Use

Editorial use implies use in media coverage. It does not include use for advertising purposes. It’s permitted to download

images for editorial use on following conditions. It is prohibited to make use of images in context with negative coverage or

reports about ski sport relating issues and/or ATOMIC Austria GmbH and/or Amer Group and/or the person shown in the

image. For use in editorial context copyright information has to be included thus it can be clearly allocated with the picture in

question. That applies for print and online utilization. For that reason together with the image in use the following remark

has to be shown:

© ATOMIC Austria GmbH / [name of the photographer]

The name of the photographer concerned can be found in the "file information" of each image.

Promotional Use

Promotional use implies the use of images for advertising purposes concerning products of ATOMIC by

persons/suppliers/retailers that offer/market products of ATOMIC. It is permitted to download images for promotional use

on following conditions. In any case promotional use has to be connected directly with promotion of products of ATOMIC.

For promotional use of images that show an athlete/person an authorization has to be gained, which can be given exclusively

by ATOMIC. For that purpose it is necessary to contact ATOMIC (contact: Otherwise the use is