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ATOMIC Shocksense App

Get the confidence to push your limits. When it comes to helmet impacts, three major facts are key: location, force, and severity. The Atomic Shocksense App collects data from the impact sensor of your ski helmet – to ensure safety right on the spot and in the long run. Now you’re free to make the most of your time on the piste.

How it works

1. Open the app
2. Hold the power button on your Shocksense Sensor for eight seconds until the green light appears
3. Press “start pairing” in the app
4. Your helmet is now connected via Bluetooth.
5. Select your helmet model and name it.
6. You’re ready to go!

Keeping track of multiple helmets? Give each of them a different name in the app in order to stay organized. All set! Now go wild on the piste.


Up-to-date Safety

Always stay aware of your helmet’s condition. Once connected, check the Atomic Shocksense app to see if you’re good to go. Confidence in the safety of your equipment allows you to push your limits even further.

SOS function

In case of heavy impact to your helmet, the Atomic Shocksense app will notify your emergency contacts of the severity and your location. If you’re alright, you can simply disable the countdown yourself.

Time for a change

The Atomic Shocksense app records all impacts on your helmet. Once your helmet has taken one too many hits, the app will inform you about the need to replace it or to have it checked by an authorized technician.

Keeping up with the family

When riding in a group you can connect more than one helmet to the app. This way, you can keep track of i.e. your kids and get informed instantly, when a heavy impact is detected. Maximum safety for worry-free days on the piste!


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