is a movement connecting skiers around the world.

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Skiing more confidently than we thought we could and crashing
more than we should.
We are a community of skiers, united by our love for skiing.

Backcountry Touring ski


The slightly narrower Backland W, and a top quality touring all-rounder.

Backland 85 W

The wider of our two Backland W skis. The top touring ski in the range with a Carbon Backbone.

Backland UL 65

Used in the Ski Mountaineering World Cup – and the successor to the Ultimate 65, the original ski running powerhouse.


I ski because it makes my spirit feel free. I ski to be me.

Mireia Miro, Spain

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Skiing is connection, to an inspiring community of people, freedom, fun and living in the moment.

Izzy Lynch, Canada

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Skiing is the best way to immerse myself in the magical realm of the mountains.

Caroline Ware George, France

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Skiing is what I love more than anything in the world. Skiing is my family, friends and all my favourite moments in life.

Jacoba Kriechmayr, Austria

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Skiing is the foundation for so many pieces of my identity. Grace, humility and the freedom to dance as I wish, all flow from the time and space I’ve spent in the mountains as a skier.

Molly Baker, United States

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I’ve always been a mountain girl and skiing is a way to connect to the best pieces of myself.

Maria Pichler, Austria


  • Mireia Miro

    Spain, BC Touring

  • Izzy Lynch

    Canada, Powder

  • Caroline Ware George

    France, BC Touring

  • Jacoba Kriechmayr

    Austria, Powder

  • Molly Baker

    United States, Powder

  • Maria Pichler

    Austria, Product Manager