General Product Safety

Atomic and Amer Sports Digital care about your safety. We are committed to provide you high-quality products that you can rely on.

We use advanced sensors and algorithms to generate metrics that can help you in your activities and adventures. We strive to be as accurate as possible. However, none of the data our products and services collect is perfectly reliable, nor are the metrics they generate absolutely precise. Location, calories, movement detection and other measurements may not match the metrics measured in laboratory conditions and are algorithmically calculated only.

Atomic products and services are intended for recreational use only.

Please read these warnings carefully before using any of our products or services. Do not view and look at our smartphone app while skiing. Always follow the recommendations set forth herein and apply common sense when using the devices.

GPS position (speed, distance etc.)
Our products and services use GPS data for your tracks and other measurements, such as altitude, distance and speed. Since GPS from your phone is used we cannot guarantee the correctness or accuracy. As the GPS reading may not always be reliable, you should have with you a good map and compass as backup.

We measure altitude by using GPS or a combination of GPS and barometric pressure sensor from your phone. We cannot guarantee the correctness, completeness or accuracy of third-party services. Furthermore, the altitude measurement is heavily dependent on surrounding conditions which may affect accuracy. Therefore, the altitude reading should be considered an estimation and not an absolute position. Always use common sense when skiing, observe your surroundings and be sensitive to your body’s response s to higher altitude.

Coaching lessons
Our products and services may provide general skiing tips, coaching lessons from pro skiers, interactive videos and other forms of exercise guides. Such guidance is given based on general recommendations and the data you have recorded with your product. The guidance given may, therefore, not be suitable for your physical capabilities, skiing skills or for your purposes or it may be inaccurate. Please consult a doctor before starting any sort of guidance and stop immediately any such activities you find have a negative impact on your health or well-being. You are responsible for your own safety. Use common sense when following the guidance and observe your surroundings.

We offer the possibility to challenge yourself and your friends based on your tracked metrics. For your own safety please do not overestimate your skiing abilities and physical capabilities, whether on- or off-piste or under conditions (e.g. excessive speed) that could endanger yourself, others and/or their property. Please do not follow your friends in difficult or unsecured territory. It is your responsibility to evaluate the risks of the challenges you decide to take.