1. The information I provided on the Test Form is true and complete. Thus, all data relating to my skiing proficiency, weight, height, age and boot size are also correct. I agree that the binding of the skis made available to me is adjusted visually at the adjustment window on the basis of the data I provided. I am aware of the fact that false information may lead to wrong setting of the binding, which may involve an increased risk of accidents and injuries. Adjustments of the binding beyond Z12 do not correspond to the standard and are therefore made upon my own request and at my own risk. I undertake not to make any adjustments to the binding on my own.

2. When getting the skis I shall deposit an official identification card (personal identity card, driving license, etc.) as a security against their return or some other security which will be given back to me upon due return of the equipment.

3. The skis indicated on the Test Form are handed over to me for test purposes on a rental basis. Using the borrowed skis will be at my own risk. I shall adjust my skiing to my skiing skills, I shall be considerate as far as all other skiers on the slope are concerned and I shall avoid endangering other people. I shall not ski when I am exhausted of when I am under the influence of alcohol or medical preparations. I shall pay heed to the warning signs in the respective ski area and I shall find out about the respective slope conditions and potentials obstacles.

4. I confirm that I have been handed out the skis, including binding, in an undamaged, orderly and functional state. I undertake to take care of the skis and to offer compensation in case of damage. Use of the skis shall be limited to the marked area of the event. I shall not use the skis on sandy, stony, paved or similiar surfaces.

5. I have been informed about the use of the binding. Ski binding reduce the danger of injuries, but cannot rule them out completely. I am aware of the fact that there is no complete certainty that a binding releases in all situations that may be imagined. I also know that the brake effect of the integrated ski brake is not sufficient for skiing in the deep.

6. If the skis made available to me do not function properly during skiing or if the binding does not function properly, I shall stop using the skis without delay and inform the test personnel accordingly.

7.  I shall return the skis made available to me upon request of the lender without delay. Otherwise I undertake to return them by the date indicated on the Test Form.

8. I shall not be allowed to hand on the skis to third persons. In the event that I do make them available to third persons. I shall be liable for any - even accidental - damage which would not have occured if the skis would have remained in the possession of the borrower.

9. Amer Sports Austria GmbH/ Amer Sports Deutschland GmbH, the lender, their assistants/ helpers and other persons working for them shall only be liable for damage caused by them deliberately or as a result of gross negligence; I therefore waive my claims for damages which would result from slight negligence. I accept liability for any damage and accidents caused by me when using the skis. I shall indemnify Amer Sports Austria GmbH/ Amer Sports Deutschland GmbH, the lender and their assistants/ helpers as well as all other persons working for them with regard to the claims of third parties which are put forward in connection with my use of the test skis.

10. I confirm that I will take the ski binding system with the Z-Value I signed for.

11. The following terms and conditions apply for the test purpose of "low tech touring bindings":
All information I have provided for this form is true and correct.

Test Participation Release: I, the undersigned Participant, understand that the sports of skiing involve inherent and other risks of INJURY and DEATH. I voluntarily agree to expressly assume all risks of injury or death that may result from skiing, or which relates in any way to the participation in a test of a Salomon/Atomic brand product samples, currently internally known as “MTN” for Salomon and “Backland Tour” for Atomic (“the Test Units”).

Knowing this, and in consideration of being permitted to participate in the Test, I AGREE TO RELEASE AND HOLD HARMLESS the owners, manufacturers and distributors of equipment including SALOMON SAS, ATOMIC Austria GmbH, and their respective employees, affiliates notably in Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, agents, officers, directors and their successors in interest (collectively “PROVIDERS”) from all liability for injury, death, property loss and damage which result from the equipment user’s participation in activities for which the equipment is provided, or which is related in any way to the use of this equipment or otherwise resulting from or arising out of my participation in the Test.

This release does not apply if the PROVIDERS have acted in gross negligence or with willful intent, or in case of damages related to injury caused by a negligent breach of duty by the PROVIDERS.

Declaration: I, the undersigned Participant, represent and warrant that I can faithfully enter into this Test Participation Release Agreement.

I, the undersigned Participant further understand and agree that
1. That the present Test of the Test Unit is an experimental use intended only for the purpose of providing developmental feedback to PROVIDERS.
2. That the Test of the Test Unit is not an offer for sale of the Test Unit or similar equipment. The Test of the Test Unit by me is a non-public experimental and confidential activity.
3. To provide feedback to PROVIDERS regarding the operation, performance, feel, and/or reliability of the Test Unit, among other factors, at the request of PROVIDERS.

This Agreement is governed by the applicable law of the country of the Location. If any provision of this agreement is determined to be unvalid or unenforceable, all other provisions shall be given full force and effect.

Test Units:
The following Salomon/Atomic products are provided to me for the Test purposes:
Low tech touring bindings

I, the Participant understand the Test Units are prototypes of low tech touring bindings
I, the Participant understand the Test Units are not compliant with ISO 9462 (alpine) and/or ISO 13992 (touring) standards and are not TÜV certified.


12. I have read the above rental provisions and information and I have understood their meaning. I assume the obligations resulting from the above provisions.

I agree, that my address details will be used for marketing purposes.