Sage Cattabriga-Alosa


"Life is about balance, the climbs and the descents, the good and the bad. When you ask 'is now the time?' – If the answer is a resounding YES, drop in. If there is sliver of doubt, its time to wait…the right opportunity is just around the corner."

"To me skiing is flying. I love how the magic of snow levitates us above the ground, whether in powder, or even when the snow is firm, it let's you float and fly down the mountain. The feeling of my skis carving a turn, slashing some powder, or taking flight off a jump is pure joy. I am so proud and stoked to be part of the Atomic team, a company that strives to make skis that are the best whether your a world cup racer, a freerider, a beginner, or a regular. To innovate and excel is the focus of this great company. "

Birthday 27.12.1979
Discipline Backcountry
Hobbies biking, skating, painting