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ALPINE MAR 20, 2017


MAR 20, 2017

Red carpet for the Redster aces. At the end of a unique season, Atomic celebrates the victory of the Overall World Cup Winner for women and men, and being the most successful race brand of this winter.

Mikaela Shiffrin, Marcel Hirscher & Co. performed at their peak: 12 World Championship medals, 24 World Cup victories, across all disciplines, 66 podiums in 73 races, and above all: 7 out of 12 possible World Cup Crystal Globes. In the final, Tina Weirather (Super-G) and Peter Fill (Downhill) also achieved a globe from the hunter position.

25 percent more victories, 16.5 per cent more top-three rankings (even with 11 less races!), 75 per cent more Crystal Globes than 2015/16 - the season left little to wish for from the Redster perspective. Especially not with the high flyers Mikaela Shiffrin and Marcel Hirscher, who carved to two big and three small Crystal Globes. Both participated in 25 races, both of them won in the Overall ranking by a long shot - Mikaela with 318, Marcel even with 675 points ahead (second furthest ahead ever after Hermann Maier 2001!).

In points per race and victories in the races (66.1 vs. 64.0 and 11 vs. 6) the American had the edge, however, in the podium places (14 vs. 16) and failures (1 vs. 0) the now six-time overall winner.

“With their professionalism, their meticulousness and their attitude towards the sport, they are an inspiration and an assignment never to be satisfied.”

Christian Höflehner, Atomic Race Manager


And in the brand ranking - Atomic! Exactly 7,000 points were sufficient in the end for the victory, which was significantly more pronounced in other categories: Most victories (24)! Most podiums (66)! The absolute majority of Crystal Globes (7 of 12)! As the only brand, victories in all five disciplines for the ladies and gentlemen (3 each in Downhill and Super-G, 7 in Giant Slalom, 9 in Slalom, 2 in Combination)! Most medals (12) and rank 1 in the brand-medal-ranking (3 x gold, 5 x silver, 4 x bronze) at the World Championship in St. Moritz!

A total of 14 Redster athletes stood on a World Cup podium this year, with Sofia Goggia, Stephanie Venier, Nils Hintermann, Mauro Caviezel and Manuel Feller (Slalom Vice World Champion) as well as five racers who had their debut. At the World Cup final in Aspen, however, the experienced racers set the tone again. Marcel Hirscher achieved World Cup victory number 45, Peter Fill (34) accomplished a successful title defense in the Downhill World Cup, Tina Weirather delivered the necessary victory in the Super-G in order to be able to win a Crystal Globe for the first time. Christian Höflehner: "The greatest respect for this killer instinct. It is almost too good to be true that the two 50-percent-chances worked out for us in the finals." A look at the final results in the Overall World Cup also documents the team strength of the Redster team: three of the top 7 in the ladies’ and gentlemen’s category rely on equipment from Altenmarkt - including the two winners Peter Fill (6th), Aleksander Aamodt Kilde (7th), Tina Weirather (7th) and Sofia Goggia (3rd). The 24-year-old had begun the season with zero podiums, ended it with 13 and as the second Italian of alpine skiing history raced to the top-3 of the Overall ranking. A historic catapult start!


Best with a winter of records: the most successful team remains united. It is only a matter of renegotiating the contracts of Tina Weirather and Aleksander Aamodt Kilde. It’s quite possible that they will continue to place their trust in the brand being responsible for the Overall World Cup winners 20 times in the past 22 years." After such a winter the motivation of the staff, from the service men to the ski manufacturers is huge. We are wildly determined to put on another one in the Olympics season - even when the bar is very high now", Christian Höflehner is aware.