ALPINE FEB 13, 2017


ALPINE FEB 13, 2017


FEB 13, 2017

Top performance on this marvelous Sunday! Stephanie Venier and Max Franz were responsible for glowing faces among the Atomic power team at the half time of the Ski World Championship in St. Moritz. They achieved silver and bronze while being four tenths behind. After the thrilling Downhill double, the Redster unit now holds four medals, two silver and two bronze.

Stephanie Venier convinced on the "Engiadina" with a determined, almost flawless race and clearly surpassed her best Downhill result to date (7th in Lake Louise 2016). "The race was really good, I would have been satisfied in any case. Really great it worked out with the medal”, the 23-year-old Tyrolese cheered. "Steffi's development over the recent months has been sensational. She now dares to enter the narrower line, driving in position for longer stretches. That’s also a result of her increased self-confidence. And she has an important racing skill: she can flip the switch during the race”, explains Atomic Race Manager Christian Höflehner. It was unfortunate that Sofia Goggia, in the lead with 14 hundredths at split time, only achieved fourth place after a wild race during the last 13 skiing seconds. Christian Höflehner: "We can be happy that she made it to the finish line in good health. For her that’s only little consolation, though."


In the Downhill run of the men, Max Franz surprised with a first class performance after ups and downs in training. "I've already tried everything in the training, even the things you shouldn’t try, so I knew what to do. I was a bit hesitant at two turns, so I didn’t think that the ‘three’ would light up during the finish." The Carinthian achieved bronze at the inglorious ÖSV series after five World Cup competitions without a medal. Race Manager Höflehner: "Max certainly showed his best performance here in St. Moritz when it was most important. In the past he was thrown off the course again and again by small setbacks. This season shows what’s possible with him, if he is fit, has confidence in himself and in the material."

“We were generally lightning swift in the flat!”

Thomas Bürgler, Serviceman of Max Franz

Franz Speed

On Monday, Marcel Hirscher's "English week" begins with four competitions in seven days at the Ski World Championship. Mission one: Title defense in the Alpine combination.