ONEKOTAN - The Lost Island


ONEKOTAN - The Lost Island


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DEC 15, 2015

It was planned as a journey to one of the most beautiful and most fascinating islands in the world! It turned out as their most dangerous and toughest adventure ever!

Matthias Haunholder
Austria / Powder

date of birth

December 28, 1979




biking, traveling, surfing

Unique and breathtaking, the kuril island “Onekotan” part of the pacific fire ring, somewhere between Kamchatka and Hokkaido. Uninhabitated, set in the middle of some of the stormiest and coldest seas in the world. At the same time, one of the most beautiful places, a perfect circled caldera lake which is having a vulcano in the center. An island in the island. So fascinating for Matthias Haunholder and Matthias Mayr that they decided in 2014 to go there for skiing, no matter what it takes to realize this dream. The beauty of the island was the sole reason, the fact, that nobody lives there, nobody has been there with skis, and it´s almost impossible to reach in winter, was just a side effect, accepted by them, but never seen as special challenge or problem. Within one year of planning, they more and more understood why nobody ever goes there. 

Placed more than 500km away from the only real city in Kamchatka, Petropavlovsk, there is only one way to reach the island, with a boat. The pacific ocean has not more than 1 degree celsius at this time of the year, icebergs are everywhere and boats below 20 metres length are not allowed to be offshore Even to find a boat to get there, became a mission impossible. Scaring the team even more, the day before their planned departure, another, much bigger ship sank out there, more than 50 people died.


“Our planet offers so many unexplored beautiful places, to ski there and feel the nature is an incredibly beautiful experience. Respect mother nature and mother nature offers you their beauty!”

Matthias Haunholder

30 hours on the boat later, seasick, almost swept off the board because of huge waves, the Team consisting of the Freeskiers Matthias Haunholder, Matthias Mayr and the swiss legend Phil Meier, as well as photographer Jonas Blum and Film Simon Thussbas approached the island A Team, well experienced in adventures, from camping in Alaska, on the glaciers of New Zealand to riding down the danube on a self made raft or standing on Top of a 7000m Peak with skis, they really can not be blamed as rookies.

18 days later, still alive and in one piece, not mentioning some frozen fingers and noses, was definitely just because of their team spirit, experience and big motivation to fullfill the dream of conquesting this hell of a paradise. What they experienced in these 18 days, why they had to get evacuated to safe their lives and why they did this by their own choice?! The breathtaking documentary “THE LOST ISLAND” has the answer on that!