ALPINE FEB 20, 2017


ALPINE FEB 20, 2017


FEB 20, 2017

The brand new Atomic Redster G9 Series radiated energetically in bright red from the winning picture in the end: Gold for Marcel Hirscher, silver for Manuel Feller! Their performances in this last World Championship race brought about the incomprehensible: The Redster team completed the full dozen of medals in St. Moritz!

"Not even in our wildest imagination did we dare to dream of this best of all cases", says Atomic Global Race Manager Christian Höflehner. The Slalom was an emotional conclusion of a World Championship of superlatives. With impressive performances of the ski superstars Mikaela Shiffrin and Marcel Hirscher. And with magic ski moments for Tina Weirather, Michaela Kirchgasser, Stephanie Venier and Sofia Goggia, as well as for Mauro Caviezel, Max Franz, Manuel Fellner. The most successful ski brand on earth was also the leading brand in St. Moritz with 12 medals.


In light of the two ski superstars’ performance in Atomic’s team, it’s a challenge to keep track of all the superlatives. Two times world champion Marcel is the most successful athlete in the World Championship ranking. And one hundredth of a second, which he stayed behind winner Luca Aerni, prevented another Hirscher coup in ski history: With Gold medal No. 3, he would already be the most successful World Championship starter in history (Toni Sailer's record remains on the list this time around with seven gold and one silver medal).

Merely a detail. Marcel is the best ski racer on earth, and after this World Championship won’t let us doubt this in the slightest. "His turns are genius, as are others’. Marcel is unique, though: he has a race gene and becomes stronger under pressure and challenge. This makes him different from the rest of the world, as could be seen in the slalom once again", says Global Race Manager Christian Höflehner, for whom the decision in St. Moritz was ‘emotional bungee jumping’. First the super run by Manuel Feller, who wanted to forego a race due to of back pains. Then the extremely bitter failure of Mattias Hargin ("He would have stood on the podium!") And the setback of Marco Schwarz. Marcel & Manuel completed the full dozen of medals for the Redster team.


12 out of 30 possible medals in the single races: even in a marvelous winter like this, Christian Höflehner and the Atomic management didn’t have such a World Championship record in their best case prediction. "You have to keep in mind how difficult it is to actually win medals, and how many top runners are not successful at the definitive moment. With the exception of the speed stars Peter Fill and Travis Ganong, who’s World Championship didn’t go so well, either all of them have their medals or were very close. Like Aleksander Aamodt-Kilde, who finished fourth in two races in his World Championship debut."

A World Championship, rich in magical skiing moments: For Marcel Hirscher (Gold Giant Slalom / Slalom, Silver in Alpine Combined), Mikaela Shiffrin (Silver In Giant Slalom plus Slalom Gold), Tina Weirather (Silver / Super G), Stephanie Venier (Silver / Downhill), Michaela Kirchgasser (Bronze / Alpine Combined), Sofia Goggia (Bronze / Giant Slalom) for Max Franz (Bronze / Downhill), Mauro Caviezel (Bronze / Alpine Combined) and Manuel Feller (Silver / Slalom).

All of them smiled broadly with their medals and a stylish piece of skiing future from the winning pictures - the Atomic Redster G9, which was presented at the World Cup. This latest breakthrough innovation from Altenmarkt is the first ski on earth with power steering. Its artificial intelligence, the new Servotec technology, the ski owes to the athletes of the Redster team. Since the #WEARESKIING philosophy applies equally to racing and material development, the Atomic G9 is a best of Redster product in every respect.

The World Cup continues with speed races in Kvitfjell (men) and Crans Montana (ladies).