#sheskis is Atomic’s platform to broadcast stories of passion, confidence, authenticity, and community. #sheskis is connecting skiers around the world and giving us a place to talk about what we love.

We are skiers, sisters and mothers, nurses and teachers, managers and engineers. We are young and old. We ski big mountains and small ones. We race through slalom gates, we plunge deep into powder, and we break trail for the skin track. We are part of a worldwide community of people who love skiing and are united by the feeling of cold, fresh winter wind on our faces.

And with that we accept the wrinkles, the smile lines, the scars and blemishes that tell our stories as skiers, as humans who have found their hearts, confidence, and life’s meaning in the snow. We crash. We ski hard. We ski smoothly. Slow. And fast. We ski to connect with nature, to reach new goals, to bond with community, to set our spirits free. There is no right or wrong way to paint lines down the mountain, and so many reasons why #sheskis.​