Is a movement connecting skiers around the world.

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Skiing more confidently than we thought we could and crashing
more than we should.
We are a community of skiers, united by our love for skiing.

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Discover the new Vantage X skis!

  • Vantage X 80 CTI W + W 11 DT

    Successor to the Affinity Storm, this is our widest and most progressive Vantage X W, with a Ti Backbone

  • Vantage X 77 CTI W + LITH 10

    Taking up where Affinity Sky left off, this is a bright sporty Vantage X W with a Ti Backbone.

  • Vantage X 74 W + LITH 10

    The ideal Vantage X W for improving the confidence of newcomers and intermediate skiers.


  • Mikaela Shiffrin

    United States, Race

  • Tina Weirather

    Liechtenstein, Race

  • Izzy Lynch

    Canada, Powder

  • Mireia Miro

    Spain, BC Touring

  • Caroline Ware George

    France, BC Touring

  • Marthe Kristoffersen

    Norway, Nordic

The confidence I’ve developed as a skier comes with me everywhere: on and off the mountain.

Mikaela Shiffrin, Race


I ski because of the way it makes me feel. I haven't found anything else in the world that sparks my passion like making turns on the snow.

Tina Weirather, Race

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Skiing is connection, to an inspiring community of people, freedom, fun and living in the moment.

Izzy Lynch, Powder

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I ski because it makes my spirit feel free. I ski to be me.

Mireia Miro, BC Touring

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Skiing is the best way to immerse myself in the magical realm of the mountains.

Caroline Ware George, BC Touring

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Skiing challenges me, pushes my physical and mental limits, gives me a feeling of being focused, concentrated, competetive, and also an inner calm.

Marthe Kristoffersen, Nordic



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