Atomic Custom Studio

ALPINE SEP 08, 2016 0 views mins

Atomic Custom Studio

ALPINE SEP 08, 2016


SEP 08, 2016

Never ride the same skis as your friends again! With the launch of the Atomic Custom Studio it’s now a reality: any skier can be the proud owner of skis that perfectly match their own personal style, and enjoy admiring looks at every mountain hut.

Atomic Custom Studio - How To Use It


We all know how it feels: leaving a mountain hut after lunch and having to search for your skis among loads of others that all look identical. Then you get on the lift and the person next to you has exactly the same new skis as you. Suddenly they don’t feel nearly as special any more.

The fact is, no matter how unique and individual our ski outfit and riding style, up until now there’s been a big limit to how unique and individual we can be with the skis on our feet.

That’s why we’ve developed the new Atomic Custom Studio this season: it’s a digital platform that makes it easy for you to design your own personal dream skis and order them online – skis that will set you apart from the crowd, mirror your personality, reflect the feeling of your typical day in the mountains, and be the number one talking point at après-ski. In short, skis that tell your story and are as individual as you are.

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As the world’s number one ski brand, our mission is to give every skier the equipment they need to reach the next level, wherever they ski – piste, powder or backcountry. So our new Atomic Custom Studio is for everyone: powder fans, piste aficionados, all-mountain skiers, ski touring enthusiasts and even young up-and-coming skiers. All can now set their creativity free, as the Atomic Custom Studio allows skiers to choose between eight models that cover the entire range of alpine skiing.

What makes the Atomic Custom Studio even more special is that, despite the unlimited design creativity, the focus is still on performance: all our custom skis are produced at our own factory in Altenmarkt in Austria, and are made from the same materials and by the same experts as the commercially available Atomic collection. Maximum performance paired with individual designs and proven Atomic quality – that’s what it’s all about.

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“Design your story, ride your skis and show off your personality on and off the snow – your personal Atomic skis are only a few clicks away.”

Carina Schichl - Atomic Custom Studio Testimonial


Never before has it been so easy to be creative – your personalized skis are only three clicks away: 

1. Choose a ski shape: the first step is about selecting the right ski shape for your needs. Choose from eight models from the following categories: Piste, All Mountain, Freeski, Touring and Kids. There’s also a model especially for women. Every skier can find their perfect match.

2. Specify a design template: the second step is to decide on a design theme. You have the option of free design, which means you start off with a blank ski and can design the entire ski surface from scratch. There are practically no limits to your creativity. However, as not everyone is a natural ski designer, you can also work with a little more guidance and use one of eleven inspiring design templates provided by Atomic.

3. Customize your design: Even with a design template, your print-optimized patterns, stickers, colors and motifs can all be personalized. You can also add text and even upload your own photos. This way even total design newbies can create a perfect end result.

Design your story, ride your skis and show off your personality on and off the snow – your personal Atomic skis are only a few clicks away.

For more information on the Atomic Custom Studio, visit the Atomic website: