Developed, tested, and validated in North America, where every mountain attracts a different type of skier and a style that requires unique characteristics in an all-terrain ski - Maverick and Maven unite all mountains and skiers.

Introducing MAVERICK and MAVEN, two new all-mountain skis inspired by the pioneers, peaks, and the endless variety of North American powder, windblown snow and all-mountain conditions.

Built with simple versatile, state of the art all-mountain technology, these are the go-to skis for every intrepid skier who wants to keep exploring new lines in a new world.

These skis represent the next step in all-mountain adventure and to honor the style of skiing that has evolved the sport over decades, we welcomed a new development process that included on-hill prototype testing and feedback from some of the best local skiers across the United States and Canada. Each with their own interpretation of how to ski the entire mountain, skiers from Alta, Taos, Jackson Hole, Squaw Valley, Stowe, Whistler-Blackcomb and Revelstoke took to the continent’s most challenging terrain to create a ski that embodies the apex of a free kind of skiing, wild and original, where the only rule is to create your own unique style.

North America has always been a place that celebrates personal expression and a pure kind of skiing, where everyone is constantly testing the limits of their gear, their imagination, and the effectiveness of their form. A place where the people you ski with become family, and the mountain you ski is as wide, wonderful and welcoming as a great outdoor home. Where only the spirit matters, the breeze that lifts the snow off the trees, the laughter from the lifts, and many of the greatest homegrown legends remain unknown.

MAVERICK and MAVEN honor this history by pushing the arc further across the hill. Skis built expressly in the name of North American skiing, with the ability to excel wherever — and however — you like to ski. 

Tested and validated by everyday skiers, Atomic traversed North America to design and build this ski, hitting the hill on good days, deep days, and zero visibility days with some of the biggest personalities in town, sharing both secret and famous lines, and finding new ways to describe this sport we all love so much. And like always, ending each day with a beer, sharing jokes in the warm, welcoming glow of the local ski shops.

Smooth and intuitive, MAVERICK AND MAVEN utilize OMatic Construction to create a core that produces the ultimate balance of stability and flex throughout the length of the ski. Constructed with only essential materials; precision milled poplar wood, lightweight fiberglass and carbon inserts, OMatic delivers simple, lightweight and energetic performance. Blending the perfect amount of rocker with camber for maximum effective edge contact during the turn, Flow Profile delivers the ideal combination of shovel taper, tip rocker, and HRZN Tech Tip to create a ski that hooks up on hardpack as well as floats in fresh snow.

This is the story of MAVERICK and MAVEN: all-mountain skis built for the way you ski, and to give you more opportunities and freedom to embrace the way you enjoy the sport. Great skis make for the best ski days.