ALPINE OCT 19, 2017


ALPINE OCT 19, 2017


OCT 19, 2017

#sheskis is a movement connecting skiers around the world. Skiing more confidently than we thought we could and crashing more than we should. We are a community of skiers, united by our love for skiing.

We are skiers and mothers, businesswomen and teachers. We are young and old. We ski big mountains and small ones. We race through slalom gates and plunge deep into powder. We travel through the mountains on our own, with friends, and leading the charge on a skin track we break through fresh and fluffy snow. We are part of a worldwide community of people who love skiing and are united by the feeling of cold, fresh winter wind on our faces. And with that we accept the wrinkles, the smile lines, the scars, blemishes, and markings that tell our stories as skiers, as mountain people, as humans who have found their hearts, confidence, and lives in the snow.

#sheskis is a movement that encapsulates our story. It is a way to connect with the other skiers out there that feel, think, and do in similar ways. Through #sheskis we can share our moments, motivations, our inner narratives, which can be so complex and intertwining. #sheskis gives us a simple platform to broadcast our stories of passion, confidence, authenticity, and community. It gives us a place to talk about what we love.

“I ski because it makes my spirit feel free.
I ski to be me. ”

Mireia Miro

Skiing is a simple thing. It is a human and a mountain and a pair of skis. But we know, it is something else. It is a journey towards confidence, our community, and an activity in the world that makes us feel real.

We are Mikaela Shiffrin, the unbeatable American slalom star. We are the mother who works, so she can teach her kids how to ski. We are Izzy Lynch, the freeride pro from British Columbia and Mireia Miro, the motivated ski runner from Spain. We are Caroline George, guiding in the mountains of Chamonix and Marlies Raich, the most successful slalom racer in World Cup history. We are the Atomic female athletes and we are the skiers of the world who admire these women as inspiration.

We are women who like technology in a ski and we are ladies that love to see a beautiful graphic. We are the Atomic Cloud, Vantage and Backland: skis, graphics, tools, for every female skier in the world.

We crash. We ski hard. We ski gentle. Slow. And fast. There is no right or wrong way to paint lines down the mountain. #sheskis any way that she wants to.

“The confidence I’ve developed as a skier comes with me everywhere: on and off the mountain.”

Mikaela Shiffrin

We invite everyone into this world we have discovered. We want more to join our tribe. Because another woman in the world who can discover her strength, potential, and beauty through the mountains is the greatest thing, and we all play a role in bringing into reality this very beautiful dream.

Connect. Live with Passion. Make friends with your confidence. And appreciate authenticity. Let’s do this together, one ski day at a time. 

#weareskiing #sheskis