Pakistan #ski4freedom project

ALPINE JUL 24, 2017 0 views mins

Pakistan #ski4freedom project

ALPINE JUL 24, 2017


JUL 24, 2017

Unique landscape, exciting culture, and friendly inhabitants on the one hand; moral ideas, religion, and tradition on the other.

#ski4freedom Pakistan

This winter we (Stefan Ager, Andreas Gumpenberger and Jan Eric Euler) made our way to the north of Pakistan, more precisely in the direction of Shimshal Valley. The reason for the trip was the invitation of two famous Pakistani personalities: Samina Baig, the first Pakistani and Muslim woman who was on all the summits of the "Seven Summits", and her brother Mirza, also a mountaineer and head of the organization "Pakistan Youth Outreach". Their goal is to offer young boys and especially girls the opportunity to participate in sports and celebrate success in sport in the distant future. Mirza's vision is to set up a Pakistani Olympic ski team for the 2022 Games.

Since the conditions for winter sports are given, but the necessary know-how and the infrastructure are totally missing, this is where we came into play. As ski guides, or as we call it "ski missionaries", we conducted a ski training course at 4000 meters above sea level. Sleeping was in tents, there was no lift, and a heater for drying the socks was nowhere to be found. Nevertheless the participants were unbelievably motivated and the ski training went from sunrise to sunset, rather than from 10 am to 3 pm back home in Austria.

At the end of the trip we even had the opportunity to go deeper into the valleys and set our sights on multiple five- and six-thousanders that had previous been unskied. This country has endless potential for mountain sports, you just have to get there.  Find out if our trainees finally got their skis under control and how we managed to do it all,  in this clip brought to you by Atomic.

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