ALPINE SEP 28, 2016 0 views mins


ALPINE SEP 28, 2016


SEP 28, 2016

I've become the skier I am today through continuous reinvention. I use a specific formula where I force myself out of my comfort zone, to be exposed to the new and unexpected. When you learn something new, a whole new world of opportunities opens up.

“Talent is a pursued interest. Anything you are willing to practice, you CAN do.”

Bob Ross

This is one reason why I've chosen to focus on skiing in the backcountry. The other reasons are all the amazing adventures into beautiful untouched nature you get to experience. Millions of frozen water crystals waiting for you to float on. 

If skiing rails is like skateboarding then skiing deep pow is like surfing. The balance is different than on hardpack. Instead of having your center balance on your toes, you have it in the middle of the foot and back. The movements are calmer while flowing through the white room. And the thing is that many times you can't see what’s below, what’s coming next. 

So you really have to be ready for the unexpected. Full attention and ready to improvise. It will make you go in your zone. No more thought, just you, there in that moment.

Whatever type of skiing you want to explore, remember that skiing will always have new paths for those who seek it.