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Simen Krüger Norway / Cross Country
Matthias Haunholder Austria / Backcountry
Franz-Josef Rehrl Austria / Nordic Combined
Marco Schwarz Austria / Slalom
Fabian Rießle Germany / Nordic Combined
Kai Jones USA / Backcountry
Ester Ledecka Czech Republic / Super-G, Downhill, Giant Slalom
Peter Fill Italy / Downhill, Super-G
Simon Eder Österreich / Biathlon
Tess Ledeux France / Slopesytle, Big Air
Mauro Caviezel Switzerland / Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super-G, Downhill
Armin Höfl Austria / Ski Mountaineering (Individual, Vertical, Sprint)
Fabian Bösch Switzerland / Slopestyle, Big Air
Stephanie Venier Austria / Super-G, Downhill
Elias Ambühl Switzerland / Slopestyle, Big Air
Nicky Keefer USA / Slopestyle
Katharina Gallhuber Austria / Slalom, Giant Slalom
Hanna Falk Sweden / Cross Country
Benjamin Weger Switzerland / Biathlon
Aymar Navarro Spain / Backcountry
Mirjam Puchner Austria / Super-G, Downhill
Evgenij Belov Russia / Cross Country
Iwan Arnold Switzerland / Ski Mountaineering
Andreas Sander Germany / Super-G, Downhill
Marc Digruber Austria / Slalom
Nick McNutt Canada / Backcountry
Nicol Delago Italy / Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super-G, Downhill
Griffin Dunne USA / Backcountry
Daniel Zugg Austria / Ski Mountaineering
Daniel Danklmaier Austria / Super-G, Downhill
Ayana Onozuka Japan / Halfpipe
Henrik Windstedt Sweden / Backcountry
Klemen Kosi Slovenia / Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super-G, Downhill
Niels Hintermann Switzerland / Super-G, Downhill, Alpine Combined
Dennis Ranalter Austria / Slopestyle, Big Air
Filip Zubcic Croatia / Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super G
Craig Murray New Zealand / Backcountry
Samuel Equy France / Ski Mountaineering
Lisa Zimmermann Germany / Slopestyle, Big Air
Beau-James Wells New Zealand / Slopestyle, Halfpipe, Big Air
Tobi Tritscher Austria / Backcountry
Mike Riddle Canada / Halfpipe
Adriana Jelinkova Netherlands / Slalom, Giant Slalom
Jonas Baumann Switzerland / Cross Country
Travis Ganong USA / Super-G, Downhill
Joana Hählen Switzerland / Downhill, Super-G
John Gaston USA / Ski Mountaineering
Toni Lautenbacher Germany / Ski Mountaineering
Niklas Köck Austria / Super-G, Giant Slalom
Mark Smiley USA / Ski Mountaineering
Lotta Udnes Weng Norway / Cross Country
Mitchell Brower USA / Slopestyle, Backcountry
Silje Slind Norway / Cross Country
Adrian Sejersted Norway / Downhill, Super-G, Giant Slalom
Taylor Seaton USA / Slopestyle, Halfpipe
Wiley Maple USA / Downhill, Super-G
Tim Durtschi USA / Backcountry
Victoria Carl Germany / Cross Country
Kathrine Harsem Norway / Cross Country
Anne Kjersti Kalva Norway / Cross Country
Asa Ando Japan / Slalom, Giant Slalom
Linn Sömskar Sweden / Cross Country
Tiril Udnes Weng Norway / Cross Country
Lucy Sackbauer USA / Backcountry
Ermil Vokuev Russland / Cross Crounty
Valentin Chauvin France / Cross Country
Anders Høst Norway / Cross Country
Molly Reisinger USA / Backcountry
Christina Ager Austria / Slalom, Giant Slalom
Riikka Honkanen Finnland / Slalom, Giant Slalom
Semyel Bissig Switzerland / Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super-G, Downhill
Izzy Lynch Kanada / Backcountry
Andreas Katz Germany / Cross Country
Lisa Unterweger Austria / Cross Country
Klaus Finne Norway / Slopestyle, Big Air
Fabio Gstrein Austria / Slalom, Giant Slalom
Jessica Hilzinger Germany / Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super-G
Janosch Brugger Germany / Cross Country
Jackson Wells New Zealand / Slopestyle, Big Air
Salvadori Giandomenico Italy / Cross Country
Anna Hofer Italy / Super-G, Downhill
Marina Wallner Germany / Slalom
Jacoba Kriechmayr Austria / Backcountry
Manuel Faisst Germany / Nordic Combined