sep 07, 2011


For piste, park or powder, beginner or expert: ATOMIC has developed a range of tailor-made equipment designed to meet the needs of every female skier. The 2011-12 season sees the launch of the most stunning women's collection ATOMIC has ever put together, featuring new designs and innovative technologies.

Skis which are more fun, boots which fit more perfectly than ever before and accessories which make skiing even easier: the ATOMIC Women's collection is based on know-how from several years of collaboration with skiers from all over the world. The highlights of the 2011-12 collection could not be more varied: the two Doubledeck best-sellers and the Cloud 9 ooze elegance and passion; Affinity, the new women's all-mountain line, is the adventurous skier's gateway to all types of terrain; the Medusa ski boot pushes all-mountain skiers to new levels of performance; and a range of sophisticated helmets and protectors combines safety with fashion.

Doubledeck and Hawx, Cloud 9 and Live Fit for effortless skiing

Smooth, agile and easy to control: the energy-saving Cloud D2 75 makes even the longest days on the slopes an absolute joy from start to finish. Thanks to the revolutionary Doubledeck technology, it is able to combine strengths which would usually be at odds with one another. Thanks to another technical innovation, the best-selling Cloud 9 boasts easy handling characteristics and allows turns to be carved easily: the Women Flex Zones, a ski profile specifically developed for female skiers where the flex of the ski becomes progressively softer from the binding area to the tip and tail. All Cloud models have an embossed surface, which also helps to visually emphasize their high quality. The ski boot models are also specifically designed around the female anatomy: they fit the shape of the female calf precisely. ATOMIC has developed a number of exclusive innovations in boot design. The Live Fit is the world's first boot capable of automatically and permanently adapting to the natural shape of the foot, thereby ensuring total comfort at every stage of a turn. Thanks to i-Flex technology, the Hawx supports the natural feeling of movement in the interphalangeal joint area, thereby improving balance on the ski. The result: optimum control of the ski in any situation.

Fun in all snow conditions with Affinity and Medusa

Brand new for 2011-12 are the versatile Affinity models: lightweight all-rounders featuring Adaptive Rocker and a V-shaped body which play to the ski's strengths at any speed and provide sufficient lift on soft pistes. The perfect partner is the all-mountain Medusa, a boot which optimizes the fit in the calf area thanks to individual adjustability. Thanks to a 5mm increase in stand height, the Enduro chassis improves the centre of gravity of the wider all-mountain skis, thereby increasing edge grip precision.

More action in powder snow with Elysian and Century

The Elysian heads into the new winter season in better shape than ever: the popular all-mountain model now has a wider shape for improved lift. Thanks to the Adaptive Rocker construction, it combines sufficient lift in powder snow with reliable stability on hard ground. The long camber profile through to the tip ensures maximum stability, while the Rocker in the shovel area provides optimum lift. A triple-layer Step Down Sidewall construction delivers additional stability.

The Century boasts a more radical design and is used by ATOMIC team skiers Molly Baker and Angeli Vanlaanen: the Power Rocker 10 and 100mm waist width make it ideal for off-piste adventures, while the Rocker at the tip combined with a traditional camber below the binding make the trip on prepared ground from the lift to the powder enjoyable. A full wood core provides a high level of stability and robustness.

Safety first: playing it safe with helmets and protectors

Skiers have come to expect just as much performance from their safety equipment as their skis: a wide range of lightweight and comfortable helmets featuring different ventilation systems and fits is available – for example, the Xeed Ritual Cloud, which is color coordinated to match the Cloud series. ATOMIC has also developed ultra-comfortable protectors which provide the spine and lumbar region with protection against injury without compromising freedom of movement while skiing: the Live Shield BP Women features a lightweight layer of EPS which absorbs even the greatest of shocks, while a double shell of soft EVA ensures optimum comfort. The Live Shield Max BP Women also has a hard-wearing outer layer of highly durable ABS.