jan 20, 2012


Before the race is after the race. When Marcel Hirscher is still inspecting the World Cup slope before the first run of a race, his bags are already ready for departure. Professional skiing requires a lot of material. Perfect logistics and well-planned packing concern any professional racer. We are packing bags and car trunks with Marcel Hirscher, Philipp Schörghofer, Joachim Puchner, Mario Scheiber and their Atomic ski-tech crew.

1,045 kilometers from Zagreb via the ATOMIC home-base in Altenmarkt to Adelboden or 2,024 kilometers from Altenmarkt up north to Kvitfjell – all of this with a fully-packed red Racing Van. The ski-techs are collecting destination points on Europe’s roads along their way through the World Cup. “During the North America tour, we have to fly. But it would be too inconvenient and expensive to transport the material by plane in Europe – so this is why we take the Mini-Van“, Tom Bürgler, ski-tech of the speed specialists Scheiber, Puchner, Kramer and others, explains. 30 pairs of skis, sticks, boots, workbench and special tools – every single millimeter of space in the Van is used. Hirscher ski-tech Edi Unterberger, “The load is delicate, we have to make sure not to harm the edges or the coating. We always wrap up the racing skis especially well.“


When the athletes travel to the races, they also have to plan well what to pack. “I have to plan well in advance: what do I pack in my backpack? From the choice of the right lenses to the best boot cover to keep the feet warm“, giant slalom racer Philipp Schörghofer explains. According to speed specialist Joachim Puchner, assumed odds and ends are important, “I always take two ATOMIC goggles and various lenses in different colors with me. Under changing weather and lighting conditions, the choice of the right lens makes a great difference.“ What else is there to find in a racer’s luggage? Only little time ago, Marcel Hirscher impressively revealed this secret to amazed press representatives in the press center of Adelboden. He unpacked his backpack and himself, changed and then carefully put his race overall, carbon protectors, back protector, ATOMIC helmet and goggles into the backpack. “Everything a racer needs to make sure he won’t catch a cold when he gets to a press conference soaked with sweat“, he said winking at the media representatives. However, there was no space left in his backpack for the big cowbell, the traditional trophy of Adelboden.