jan 25, 2012


Back to the roots! “The white ecstasy” in the birthplace of skiing. In St. Anton am Arlberg, Atomic free-ski star Daron Rahlves will head-to-head defend his title in the Red Bull Hüttenrallye in the free-ski 6-cross competition on 27 and 28 January. Starting for Atomic as well: Matthias Haunholder.

Two kilometers across country in the Arlberg backcountry – skiing over hill and dale or even hay barns at the Red Bull Hüttenrallye 2012. Free-ski pro Daron Rahlves set high standards last year, when he found the perfect line. “This race is pure pleasure of skiing“, ATOMIC All-star and former super-G world champions Rahlves says. “I am especially excited about the enthusiasm of the non-professionals, who are ski instructors and hobby racers. These guys really know how to rock it. We pros have to rev up.“ Rahlves’ colleague, free-ski pro Matthias Haunholder, agrees, “You better not be sensitive. Everything is allowed more or less – and that really is a lot of fun!“

The scenery reminds of the film classic “The White Ecstasy“, the free-ride heroes ruthlessly rush down the mountain. Details about the race: almost 2 minutes race duration, 400 meters of altitude, almost 2 kilometers of unprepared area, hay barns, steep turns and an energy-sapping per pedes passage have to be passed. The finish is located directly next to the Galzig-Bahn, so all ski enthusiasts who want to experience the free-ski stars first-hand, can easily get there by foot. Four non-professionals and two pros will race at the same time and the three fastest racers move on to the next round. Both, men and ladies, can not only gain a unique experience, but also win a Suzuki.