sep 02, 2011


This coming season ATOMIC is offering all-mountain skiers a range of tailor-made, all-inclusive solutions for even greater pleasure and even better performance. What's on offer: new models and pioneering innovations guaranteed to make every skier a better skier in 2011-12.

This coming winter ATOMIC will not only be making the skiing easier, but the choice of appropriate all-mountain equipment will also be simpler as well. Know-how acquired from the World Cup and freeskiing at the highest level has been channeled into sophisticated all-inclusive solutions designed to make skiing more fun for skiers of every ability. Because the skiing characteristics of a ski depend not only on width, material and construction, but also on side profile, ATOMIC is offering all-mountain skiers two different profiles: Active Camber and Adaptive Rocker. The Active Camber is a traditional camber model providing maximum stability and smoothness as well as precise edge grip. On the Adaptive Rocker, a camber below the binding ensures stability and edge grip, while the Rocker (curved tip) provides sufficient lift in powder snow.


The revolutionary Doubledeck technology which featured in the World Cup once again sets the bar for 2011-12: the new D2 range with Active Camber takes the combination of smoothness and turning compliancy, efficient handling and dynamic precision to new heights. The ski boot to match is the further optimized Hawx – a boot with 100mm lasts which achieves the perfect combination of performance and comfort and which significantly improves balance on the ski thanks to its unique i-Flex zones. These characteristics made it one of the most popular boots on the market last year. The D2 and Hawx are complemented by the new Live Grip Carbon sticks. Rounding off the set is the Xeed Ritual – a high-grade helmet with Adaptive Fit and adjustable ventilation system.


The versatile Nomad range with Adaptive Rocker can be used in all sorts of scenarios. It owes its versatility to a combination of the Rocker at the tip, a gentle curve at the tail and a traditional camber below the binding. Under pressure the tip and tail are raised slightly, allowing turns to be carved more easily and providing lift in powder snow. At the same time, a normal camber below the binding enables the ski to deliver the entire effective edge length during turns, thus ensuring stable grip at all times. The premium models Savage Ti and Blackeye Ti with Adaptive Rocker boast a robust Step Down Sidewall and high-performance construction with wood core and Titanal inserts, ensuring unrivalled performance in all snow conditions. A new addition to the versatile range is the Colt. The performance of the Savage Ti and Blackeye Ti is enhanced by the Burner 120. ATOMIC's high-end all-mountain boot features the same geometric parameters as the ATOMIC race boots, but can be used in conjunction with a number of other extras: thanks to a 5mm increase in stand height, the Enduro chassis improves the edge grip of wider skis, while the Dual Strap optimizes support for the foot. It goes without saying that the skis and boots are color coordinated, as are the Nomad sticks and lightweight and well ventilated Xeed Ritual helmet.


The Panic as well as newcomer Theory are perfect for skiers at home on either prepared pistes or soft terrain: the all-mountain twin-tips with Adaptive Rocker profile and moderate waist width deliver reliable grip on prepared pistes. The Rocker at the tip and tail provides lift in powder snow, while the Step Down Sidewall and tip-to-tail wood core also make it a competent off-piste ski: at home on soft or compact snow, on or off-piste.