At Atomic everyone skis. It’s not just our job, it’s our passion. Which is why we’re super excited to present our first ever skiwear range for Winter 2014. It’s skiwear designed to do much more than keep skiers warm, too. Instead it actively helps skiers have a better skiing experience. Skiwear carefully built to do exactly what skiers need it to do, and focused on the growing world of progressive all-mountain skiing. Inspired by the spirit of freeski, those skiers want to go off the beaten track. A bit less piste. A bit more powder. So our new range is here to inspire them to do that: a unique range of progressive all-mountain skiwear, with the inspiration of freeski and the functionality and technology of high performance outdoor wear. Up to everything, accessible to all.

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Cliffline offers the highest performance of our skiwear range.

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