dec 06, 2011


Back on Track! Dominik Landertinger, new member of the Atomic family, bounced back into the world’s elite by ranking 4th at the biathlon season kick-off in Östersund. How the former world champion was athletically revived by the Atomic package of skis, boots and binding after a “pest season“.

“I didn’t even reach the finish here in Östersund last year and now racing in this incredible stadium in front of enthusiastic fans feels really great – feather light!” This is what Dominik Landertinger said after the biathlon World Cup kick-off and rank 4 in the 20 km race while pointing at his ATOMIC Worldcup Featherlight skis, his Worldcup Skate boots and his Pilot Race Skate binding. The 2009 mass start world champion is back where he belongs – among the world’s best athletes. “After the ’pest season’ without any results I had to change something. The ATOMIC team is like a family. I have regained my self-confidence and realized what I am able to do.” However, there is still a lot of work to do. This is what the sprint and the 12,5 km pursuit showed: too many mistakes at the end of the race made top results impossible. “It is not so much about the results, I know what to do better. It is important now that I feel that I am back!”


For the enthusiastic top performances of Landertinger, Sumann (ranking 6th in the 20 km race) and the whole Nordic Unit the Featherlight got even lighter. ATOMIC Nordic Director Roman Toferer, who again had raced a few hundred test kilometers himself, explained, “For our racers the Nomex Featherlight core was further optimized: our lightest ski holds a weight record and offers optimized dynamic and stability.“ The race intelligence of the new Featherlight generation supports the former world champion on his way back. To be continued – and further top results will follow.