mar 16, 2012


Passion and commitment have once again paid off for ANDREAS HåTVEIT Who showed incredible consistency by winning the BRONZE MEDAL AT EURO X GAMES, only a few days after winning the Austrian FREESKI open. THE ATOMIC Athlete just managed to squeeze past the eliminations the day before but brought his a-game to the finals, taking home his second X Games medal of the year, this time in Tignes, France. Americans Bobby Brown and Tom Wallisch rounded off the podium, taking first and second respectively.

Spring conditions made the skiing in Tignes, France, incredible for both the athletes and the thousands of spectators that showed up. The sun was out, there was no wind, the snow was soft and the spectators were loving the spectacle that the riders put on. All the best freeskiing athletes turned up to try and reach the coveted podium of the Euro X Games, Europe’s only AFP Platinum Level slopestyle event.


The friendly Norwegian, Andreas Håtveit is widely known for his unmatched passion for the sport of freeskiing. Since the start of the northern hemisphere winter Andreas has skied every single day except for five days when he was traveling to and from competitions. The rewards for his commitment have been impressive, including a Bronze medal at the prestigious X Games in Aspen in January and the Gold medal at the Austrian Open only a few days ago. After being the last person to qualify for finals in the elimination round the day before, the twenty-five year old was keen to give the young guns a run for their money.


All the athletes were very happy with the slopestyle course in Tignes, allowing a level of creativity and performance not yet seen at Euro X Games. This year the course included three variations of a flat-down feature at the top, followed by an up-rail butter box to down rail feature, a three-pack of jumps, and capped off with an up-gap-flat-down rail or a half-rainbow rail. As usual, Håtveit put down a super technical run which included a frontside 360 switch up, 450 out of the up rail to switch butter 270, rightside double cork 1260 mute grab, a switch 1260 double cork safety grab, into a leftside double cork 1080 mute, finishing off with a 50-50 to 270 out! “I had the best couple of runs of my life” said the ecstatic Norwegian “I ended up with the Bronze and I couldn’t be more stoked!”. Congratulations Andreas and all the best with your upcoming parenthood!