• Matthias Haunolder, ATOMIC
  • Matthias Haunolder, ATOMIC
  • Matthias Haunolder, ATOMIC
  • Matthias Haunolder, ATOMIC
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Vzdevek Hauni
Domači kraj Walchsee, Innsbruck
Domače letovišče Fieberbrunn
Atomic oprema Skis: Atlas, Coax, Snoop, Bent Chetler. Bindings: FFG 16. Boots: Nuke 1-thirty.
Disciplina Big Mountain
Occupation Skier
Sponsors Atomic, Sweet Protection, Oakley, BB-Fieberbrunn, ABS, Zanier
Magazine Covers FFF
Hobbies Biking, Surfing, Beachvolleyball
Vehicle Mitsubishi
Spletna stran http://www.hauni.at Twitter Facebook
Matthias Haunholder, Atomic

Do you enjoy skiing in contests


How could contests be improved

better judging

What do you think of ski movies

love it

Which are your favorites

All I Can

Do you enjoy shooting video parts


Do you ski in the rain


What do you like about Atomic

the quality and the spirit

How did you get on Atomic

I was born with Atomic Skis

Who do you ski with now

everybody who likes skiing the whole day

Who are your favorite skiers of all time


What have been the highlights of your skiing career

winning the FWT at Tignes and the FWQ Fiebebrunn

Is there anything in skiing you haven't done that you'd like to accomplis

a lot

What do you do besides skiing

trying to organize my life

What music art books have you been enjoying lately

furniture art

What are your future goals