maj 08, 2012


New start. Lucia Anger (21) is considered as one the most promising German cross-country skiing talents. The junior world champion has big aims with her new partner ATOMIC, “I want to live up to my full potential and make my name as a world-class athlete. I will work very hard for this.“

“Right from the very first moment I’ve had a great feeling about the Featherlight – both the Hardtrack and the Softrack“, the ambitious athlete Lucia Anger from the Germany winter sports center Oberstdorf said. “All of the material components are individually adjusted to me. The whole ATOMIC team of race director Roman Toferer supports me competently and all of them are enthusiastic about little details.“

The triple German champion, who debuted in World Cup aged 18, now faces a new start after a difficult season. Anger, “The trouble caused by a tendinitis in my elbow has been overcome. I can work on getting regaining the strength in my hand I had before in the injury.”