apr 23, 2012


A new beginning! The end of his career has been postponed, a change of residence comes along, but one thing remains the same: Atomic as partner. Biathlete Christoph Sumann (36) sticks to Atomic World Cup Hard and Soft Track, the Worldcup Skate boots and the SNS binding system until the Olympic Games 2014.

“I owe my biggest successes to ATOMIC, so why would I want to change?“ Austria’s most successful biathlete commented. Christoph Sumann had planned to end his career. But after his disappointing season the winner of 9 World Cup races and six medals at Olympic Games and World Championships simply couldn’t close this chapter like this.

Sumann Reloaded is a completely new beginning for the 10 times Austrian Champion: “I’ve not only chosen to do it, but to really do it. So I’ll move to Innsbruck with my family, my wife and the two kids. The biathlon center in Seefeld offers the perfect infrastructure for my aims. All of my family support my decision, which is the most important thing for me.“ What is important as well is the further cooperation with ATOMIC. “It’s like a good marriage: both sides have to work for the success and ATOMIC and the team are ready to give everything just as I do. The new material components of the ski give me a positive feeling.“

ATOMIC Nordic Director Roman Toferer is looking forward to the further cooperation with the exceptional athlete from Styria, “We are currently developing the new ATOMIC FEATHERLIGHT Generation, the new WORLD CUP SOFT TRACK is already being tested and suits Sumi perfectly. We all work together to get him back on a successful track.“