jul 24, 2013

Atomic and Jossi Wells launch the Infamous - After four months

Jossi Wells approached Atomic with an idea: bring together a group of skiers with different styles, different perspectives on skiing and show them creating something new. This initial idea blossomed into something bigger, something that transcended the typical discussion about progression and brought skiing back to its roots. From this conversation the infamous was born…

“There is a lot of division in the ski world, especially among park skiers. What I wanted to do with this project is show the basic values that all skiers can relate to. These are the reasons we fall in love with skiing. For us the infamous is about sessioning with a crew and pushing yourself and your friends to do something new. This means having fun on skis and expressing your own style.” – Jossi Wells.

Atomic ran with that idea and worked closely with Jossi to build a ski in his vision, something accessible, inspiring confidence, with the required soft flex and rocker to get creative in the park.
Taking this inspiration into the graphics, Jossi worked closely with a designer to set the mood for the ski graphics and the project. From the spring of 2012 Jossi has been shredding on the infamous, the ski inspired by his skiing.

The infamous is available in a wide range of sizes: 151, 161, 171, 176, 181 cm. With such a selection, you are bound to find the right size to suit your creative objectives. Featuring Park Rocker, Stomp Sidecut, Step Down Sidewall and a durable Woodcore construction, it is primed to destroy parks and urban features with ease.


After 12 years of working with Atomic, Jossi Wells is still hungry. Competitions, film shoots, crowd
surfing, press conferences, nothing is new. Yet he still finds that spark and love for skiing. With veteran perspective, Jossi came to the 2012 Austrian Freeski Open looking for the source of that original spark. He wanted to shred with skiers that had a similar approach to park skiing yet represented different styles and perspectives. There Jossi met up with Nicky Keefer and Lucas Stål-Madison and formed the infamous squad.

“Each of the skiers on the infamous squad brings something different to the group. LSM is always working on something new, something never seen before; Keefer…well, the guy shreds. He is pretty aggressive on kickers. Man, I wish I could meat flip the way he does.” – Jossi Wells

After syncing up in Austria, the squad reconvened at Mt. Hood, Oregon to work on an edit and start nailing shots. The fruits of their labor can be seen at atomic.com/infamous on alongside detailed information about the ski, a list of participating dealers and a full media gallery showcasing each skier’s unique style.

Since then the squad has been super active across the globe. Lucas Stål-Madison spent the 2013 winter divided between Sweden shredding urban, sessioning the backcountry with Parker White in France, and filming with Level 1 productions in the US.

Nicky Keefer had another amazing season putting out some of the most memorable edits of the year and joining the illustrious 100,000 view club. Keefer also managed to dominate the international field at the annual Nine Knights competition, winning Ruler of the Week and Best Style awards.

A competition filled season couldn’t keep Jossi Wells from getting urban shots and from sessioning with Keefer and LSM. Skiing on the 176, Jossi managed to take the ski from the mini jib lines in Austria to the gnarly setups in Mt. Bachelor and all the way to a second place finish in Slope Style at X Games Tignes: https://vimeo.com/62350804


Skiing with Atomic as part of the Swedish A-Team for the past two years, LSM has stepped up
to the international level. With impressive footage from Level 1 after winning their Superunknown
competition, LSM has established himself as one of the top innovators in skiing today. Expect much more from this supremely creative skier as he stacks footage and drops edit after edit of mindblowing skiing with both Level 1 and The Bunch. Have you seen Bardolino yet?


What is there to say about Meatboy? One of the most stylish and prolific skiers in the air today,
Keefer has been quietly destroying 100ft tables all over the western United States. After spending
two years shredding Utah as part of Atomic USA’s A-Team, Keefer has gone global, joining Atomic as a full-fledged athlete. Shredding Brighton, Powder Mountain and Park City, with the 4bi9 crew, make sure to keep an eye on Keefer, you’re bound to learn something.

For more information on both the ski and the squad, check out atomic.com/infamous