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    A higher and therefore harder flex index promises more direct power transmission, whereas a lower and softer index promises greater comfort.
    Many of our boots feature special technologies.
    • Live-Fit: These elastic zones automatically adapt to the skier’s forefoot shape providing instant comfort, improved feel, better blood flow, warmer toes… happier feet.
    • Walk-Mechanism: Lift the lever and allow the cuff to freely move, providing optimum strid as well as easy entry and exit. Return the lever and mechanically lock the cuff to the shell for 100% powder on the descent.

sammenlign produkter

du kan sammenligne funksjoner på opp til tre produkter i samme gruppe ved å sjekke boksene som kommer opp til venstre for produktene og så klikk.

Even the best ski needs the right ski boot to perform at its best. Which is why we invest so much time and effort in achieving our goal, which is to provide every skier with the perfect ski boot: a boot which fits, prevents pressure sores and transfers the skier's energy directly to the ski.

Atomic Ski Boots 13-14
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