Results in my Career
  • Junior WC 2008 3rd
  •  tour de ski 2010 30th
Winter resorts in the world
  • bruksvallarna
  • sun valley
  • ursvik
People i like to ski with Ingredients for a perfect skiing day
  • good shape
  • fast skis
  • snow
Songs Youtube Clips Competitions
  • U23 WM
  • WC
  • olympics



Nick Name Stockholm
Hometown Stockholm
Home Resort Stockholm
Discipline Cross Country/Long Distance
Lisa Larsen, Atomic

Skiing Since


Skiing means to me

a lifestyle

My main goal in skiing is

to be the best and have fun

There is nothing better than


My favourite word to describe snow

a very strange question!

I am also good in

loosing stuff and find them again

I could never compete without

being nervous