• Atomic, Bernadette Schild
  • Bernadette Schild, ATOMIC
  • Bernadette Schild, ATOMIC
  • Bernadette Schild, ATOMIC
Results in my Career
  • 2nd Slalom Lenzerheide 2013
  • 1st Junior World Championships 2008
  • 2nd Junior World Championships 2009


Favorite races
  • Junior World Championships
  • FIS Race Krakauebene :)
  • Every Race in Spain
Skiing resorts in the world
  • Dienten am Hochkönig
  • Mt. Hood, Oregon
  • Squaw Valley
People i like to ski with
  • brother Joe
  • brother Lukas
  • my sister Marlies
Ingredients for a perfect skiing day
  • Champagne Powder
  • nice people
  • sweet hot chocolate
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers "Under the Bridge"
  • Band hof Horses "Funeral"
  • Culcha Candela "Extanjero Soy"
Youtube Clips Conditions I like to race in
  • rainy, when salt must be used



Nick Name Berni
Hometown Saalfelden
Home Resort Dienten am Hochkönig
Atomic Gear Skis: Race GS D2 W/UNI, Race GS D2 M/UNI, Race SL D2 women\nBoots: RT STI boot models\nBindings: Race
Discipline GS, SL
Website http://www.bernadetteschild.com Facebook
Bernadette Schild, Atomic

Skiing Since

I am able to think

Skiing means to me

being out in the nature with friends and enjyoying myself

My main goal in skiing is

to reach the top and become better and better

There is nothing better than

taking a nap after a day of champagne powder skiing

My favourite word to describe snow

frosty topping

I am also good in

climbing, surfing, yoga

I could never race without

having fun