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Stål Madison


Nick Name Luuk
Hometown Stockholm
Home Resort tiny local hill called Flottsbro
Atomic Gear The infamous 182 and Punx 182
Discipline Park & Pipe
Present Home Sweden
Occupation guy
Sponsors Atomic
Hobbies music & nature
Vehicle bike or skate
Website Facebook
Lucas Stål Madison, Atomic

How and when did you start skiing

Parents both skied so they showed me how as a kid.

Who were you skiing with at first

myself alot at first then met a bunch of cool kids.

What terrain where you riding at first

small slope in Stockholm called Flottsbro

Who were some early influences on your skiing

Liam Downey Tanner Rainville Sean Decker

Do you enjoy skiing in contests


How could contests be improved

change everything

What do you think of ski movies

depends of the movie though

Which are your favorites

Long Stort Short & Teddybear Crisis

Do you enjoy shooting video parts

I love it. I think it's cool to put a lot of time and work into a project like that.

Do you ski in the rain

when skiing Urban it happens that it rains.

What do you like about Atomic

the Skis! they got a good enviromental plan to!

How did you get in Atomic

winning The NFC.

Who do you ski with now

The Bunch Level 1 and other good friends

Who are your favorite skiers of all time

Don't know yet.

What have been the highlights of your skiing career

being part of a Level1 movie and being part of the start of TheBunch

Is there anything in skiing you haven't done that you'd like to accomplish

I always want to put together a better part or edit but mostly just ski places I haven't skied and ski places I've skied in new ways.

What do you do besides skiing

Think about skiing.

What music art books have you been enjoying lately

Ooh just listened to some Moby tracks and a mixtape called Acid Rap by Chance the Rapper. Earlier I watched Hobbit 2 YEYE!