aug. 29, 2011


Phase two. ATOMIC biathlon star christoph sumann (35) is now starting to intensify his training. At the same time a new generation of world cup skis with the revolutionary featherlight technique is being produced at the atomic factory. Sumann, “I am fully concentrating on the training. And the whole ATOMIC team is completley involved in making sure we’ll enter the cross-country ski run with the best material.“

Roller skiing up the Glacier route at the Dachstein mountain in pouring rain, heading towards the shooting standing in full speed, raising heavy dumbbells in the gym – ATOMIC biathlon ace Christoph Sumann is speeding up his summer training. “Phase One has been completed“, the self-confident policeman, who holds nine biathlon World Cup victories and two Olympic silver medals, claimed. “The basic stamina training is over now, we are now raising the intensity of the training – and shooting is especially important.“ The ten-time Austrian Champion is training together with former World Championship and brand mate Dominik Landertinger (23) to get in shape for the World Championships at the end of February 2012 in Ruhpolding (Germany), that is known as a kind of Mecca for biathlon.


While Sumann has started Phase Two of his preparation, the same accounts for ATOMIC. The new generation of ATOMIC Featherlights has just been produced and now the racing machines enter the qualifying process. Racing Manager Nordic, Roman Toferer, explains, “In summer we are currently working in the snow tunnel in Oberhof in Germany. In each qualifying run, 50 to 70 pairs of skis pass a qualifying sliding a slope and will be ranked according to their performance. Only the fastest skis will be handed over to our top athletes.“ Cross-country ski run stars like Christoph Sumann, using the overall ATOMIC packages skis-binding-boots, appreciate this service, “In my preparations I can fully focus and concentrate on myself knowing the ATOMIC crew and my serviceman Rudi Janach make sure to find the ideal material for me.“