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Becenév Riddler
Date of Birth jún. 17, 1986
Születési helyszín Sherood Park AB
Síterepem Whistler Blackcomb
Atomic felszerelés PUNX 182, The Volt Boot, FFG16 Team
Versenyszám Park & Pipe
Present Home Squamish BC
Occupation skier
Sponsors Atomic, The Northface, Giro, Rockstar Energy
Magazine Covers SBC Skier, Freeskier, Powder etc.
Weboldalam http://www.facebook.com/mikedriddle Twitter Facebook
Mike Riddle, Atomic

Who were some early influences on your skiing

The New Canadian Air Force - Mike D, Philou, JP, JF, Vinnie

Do you enjoy skiing in contests

Yup... I better! It's what I do most right now.

How could contests be improved

larger weather windows so they are held in ideal conditions

What do you think of ski movies

love em!

Which are your favorites

Session 1242, All.I.Can., Long Story Short, Ski Movie 3, Ready Fire Aim, all of the new ones are pretty on point too.

Do you enjoy shooting video parts

Yes. Can't wait to have a little more time to do that after the Olympics

Do you ski in the rain

yes... summer camp baby!