joulu 19, 2012


Redster Boot. His victory with best time in both heats of the icy slalom in Madonna di Campiglio: Once again, Hirscher’s strategy worked out. No one else in World Cup fiddles about material as intensively as team Hirscher does. 100 pairs of skis are shortlisted for slalom races this season; half of them are models of the Icon Series that was developed by him. There’s one important thing the overall World Cup winner has to say, “One of the great truths in skiing – and it applies to me and anyone else: skiing is a question of the right boots.“ Marcel’s boot t(r)ick: There are about 30 pairs of Redster boots for all kinds of weather and snow conditions.

“There are a lot of people who are not aware of this: The boot is the part of the setup that is closest to the athlete, it is the connection between the person, ski and slope, it is the ’steering wheel’ of the performance“, Marcel Hirscher explained.

Before Marcel Hirscher may slip into one of Redster race boots, Atomic boot expert Andreas Dudek spent six hours with preparations in numerous steps of work: assembling buckles and special Dual Straps (the straps on the edge of the boot) and adapting the shell and cuff super-exactly to Hirscher style. “The edge of the Redster is a question of hundredths of millimeters“, Marcel revealed. Does that also apply to the boots? “Yes, in technical events I’m not standing on the binding plate with the sole in an even way, but depending on the conditions the boot may also be ground minimally to influence the transmission of forces. Works out analogically like with the ski. The hardness of the cuff can be adjusted in any direction, you have to calculate a lot of parameters, it’s a science“, the “booting star“ explained after his dominate victory in the most difficult slalom of the season so far.

“The Redster gets its explosive nature for acceleration from the carbon tail. This is a sensational innovations, first of all because of the new material used in giant slalom, but also when it comes to extremely small radii as in the slalom in Madonna”, Marcel Hirscher explained. Formula 1 technology – however, his boots are identical to the Redster models available in retail, they have the highest degree of hardness available: 170. Marcel Hirscher has “a very normal foot”. Only in slalom he uses a specially expanded liner. Due to various insoles he is always able in giant slalom to quickly adapt the characteristics of the setup to changing conditions.

Boot expert Andrea Dudek is a walking Redster dictionary. The buckle is used 600 times per season. “Our Redster buckles are made of a special aluminum alloy that withstand extreme forces, for example a traction of 150 kilos, and also Marcel in situations like in Madonna when he buckled his boots in a very powerful way.“