elo 29, 2011


ATOMIC has been making skis since 1955. The main factory was opened in Altenmarkt in 1971. It is the place of work for 600 experts, who work tirelessly day after day to make ATOMIC skis better and better using new materials and smart innovations. And even though ATOMIC skis have become true high-tech products, one detail has never changed since 1955: every ski is handcrafted with the greatest of care.

Building a ski requires high-grade materials and perfect manufacturing conditions, ideal bonding pressure and precise temperatures, as well as homogenized processes and, of course, a sophisticated storage and dispatch system. If you have all these ingredients you can make a half decent, solid and perhaps even a pretty good ski.

But to make an outstanding ski takes more: skilled hands and a real passion for skiing. This has been ATOMIC's philosophy since the very beginning, when Alois Rohrmoser and four of his friends started making skis in 1955. Altenmarkt, in the heart of the Austrian Alps and surrounded by hundreds of kilometres of ski slopes, has been the center of operations since 1971. With heart and soul and the skill of the craftsman, we build skis for skiers of all levels of performance and style. Of course, much has changed over the past 56 years. Today's skis are high-tech products which have little in common with the wooden planks of old. And yet our 600 employees still work in the same way as their colleagues from previous generations: by hand.

For instance, every ski shape is cut manually from the raw material, every metal edge is individually fitted to each ski and curved by hand. Every layer is positioned by hand, heat-bonded and the design overlay then also applied manually. Every ski is constructed by an expert, after which the edges of the ski tips are sanded by hand and the skis then quality controlled.

We build skis designed to allow every skier to achieve his or her goals. This promise can only be met by people who embody the pursuit of unrivalled performance, adventure in powder and the perfect day on the slopes. These people are our employees and it's thanks to them that every ATOMIC ski oozes the care and the passion with which it was handcrafted.