kesä 20, 2013

Lightweight and lightning fast: the World Cup Skate FL Soft Track

The new World Cup Skate FL Soft Track is the perfect cross-country ski for soft to mixed conditions. It gave Dominik Landertinger, third in the overall standings at the Biathlon World Cup 12/13, an advantage. Now it's your turn.

The WC Skate FL is the lightest and fastest cross-country ski that Atomic has ever made. Two versions have been available since last winter. In addition to the Hard Track, which showcases its strengths on hard snow, there is the new World Cup Skate FL Soft Track, which has convincing unique qualities on soft to mixed surfaces.

"The Soft Track is my first choice because it has great acceleration and glides smoothly," says biathlete Dominik Landertinger. Last season he was a constant champion of the ski's advantages and is particularly impressed by its explosive kick: "Finally I have a ski that I can rely on even in slush - it doesn't leave me in a sticky situation!" he says.

With the WC Skate FL Soft Track you also get more power with less effort on soft and irregular trails because its flexible tip adapts to the surface and lets the ski glide smoothly. Its Single Groove (on the underside of the ski) also channels off water efficiently. This gives you a dynamic, powerful kick on wet snow.

Like the WC Skate FL Hard Track, the Soft Track also comprises a torsion-resistant Nomex core and an ultra-lightweight wood sidewall. This makes the ski lightweight yet super-strong - for even greater acceleration in each glide phase.