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    A higher and therefore harder flex index promises more direct power transmission, whereas a lower and softer index promises greater comfort.

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    Atomic strives to provide every skier with precisely the ski they need - specifically tailoring the flex line and flex, materials and characteristics to the skier's individual level of ability. So honesty is crucial when it comes to assessing your performance level:Have you just started skiing, and are you looking for a ski which can help you make rapid progress while skiing at a moderate pace (beginner)?Are you confident on easy to medium-difficulty descents on the piste or on unchallenging terrain, can you master simple tricks over small obstacles (advanced)?Do you like to tackle tough descents on steep, icy or heavily snow-covered terrain or challenging Park and Pipe maneuvers (ambitious)?Or do you have several years' experience at competition level and are you capable of mastering any challenging terrain at any speed (expert)?

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12 Kids

Kids Ski Boots

Inspire the next generation. For kids to love skiing they’ve got to have boots that are warm. Fact. That’s why we’ve updated our kids’ boots with full-on 3MTM ThinsulateTM Insulation, even at the lower end of the range. On top of that, as young skiers get bigger our boots don’t just go up in size – the design of the cuffs and flex adapt to the changes in their strength and skiing style. So it’s easier to learn, easier to progress and easier to have fun.