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Date of Birth joulu 15, 1981
Hometown Kamloops
Home Resort Whistler BC
Atomic Gear Skis: Blog, Automatic. Bindings: STH 16, Tracker 16. Boots: Waymaker Carbon 130
Discipline Big Mountain
Occupation Skier
Sponsors Atomic, Oakley, Whistler-Blackcomb, Teton Gravity Research
Magazine covers Powder, SBC SKIER, Freeze, Freeskier, Ski Journal, etc.
Hobbies Surfing, Music, Mountain Biking
Vehicle 2002 Toyota Tundra
Website http://www.danaflahr.com/ Twitter Facebook Youtube
Dana Flahr, Atomic

Which are your favorites

See my favorite movies... Plus

Do you enjoy shooting video parts

I live for it.

Do you ski in the rain

Hell ya. I've had some amazing days skiing in the rain

What do you like about Atomic

Progressive product design with all ears listening to the athletes. That is all you need.

Who do you ski with now

Solo a lot at home, and Sage and Ian Mac a lot while filming.

What have been the highlights of your skiing career

Sick bird award while competing and winning the North American IFSA Tour, and all the epic days skiing out of helicopters in Alaska.

Is there anything in skiing you haven't done that you'd like to accomplish

Oh yes... You'll see.

What do you do besides skiing

 Spend a lot of time surfing on Vancouver Island lately. So healing on the body, extremely challenging and the funnest summer sport I've ever tried.

What music art books have you been enjoying lately

I have been loving playing guitar a lot in the summers. I like autobiographical books on people I look up to, like famous athletes and musicians. I like to learn from other people who have experienced a lot in life. Bob Dylan, Kelly Slater, Hendrix

What are your future goals

To stay strong and continue to push my skiing creatively. Also be more involved with my own filming projects and to portray myself properly to the public and ski fans over the globe.